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Sangeet & First Dance

Let us weave magic into your wedding journey with our personalized Sangeet  Dance Choreography or be it your Wedding First Dance training – creating cherished memories for a lifetime of love and laughter.

Sangeet Dance Choreography - Wedding Dance Choreography
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Wedding FIRST Dance & Sangeet

At LVDS, we specialize in making your wedding moments truly unforgettable. Our dedicated team in Bangalore offers expert dance training tailored specifically for your Sangeet and wedding first dances. From traditional to contemporary styles, we’ll choreograph a performance that reflects your unique love story and captivates your guests.

With personalized attention and a touch of creativity, we’ll help you dance into your happily ever after with confidence and grace. Get ready to shine on your special day with Lourd Vijay’s Dance Studio by your side.


First Dance

The Indian wedding Sangeet event and the wedding first dance hold a special place in our hearts, as they symbolize the celebration of love, family, and tradition


With a rich tapestry of dance styles at our fingertips, our team brings your vision to life with personalized choreography that speaks to the heart of your love story. From traditional Indian rhythms to contemporary fusion beats, every step is infused with authenticity and passion. Let us guide you on a journey of dance, turning your wedding dreams into captivating realities, one move at a time. Here is what makes our Wedding First Dance Training and Sangeet Choreography unique.

  1. 25+ Years of Experience: Benefit from our extensive expertise garnered over two decades in the industry.
  2. Vast Repertoire: Explore a diverse range of dance styles, from traditional Indian to contemporary fusion.
  3. Personalized Choreography: Enjoy bespoke routines tailored to your unique love story and preferences.
  4. Authenticity and Heart: Experience performances that are not just technically precise but also deeply meaningful and heartfelt.
  5. Turning Dreams into Reality: Let us transform your wedding visions into unforgettable moments of magic and joy on the dance floor.