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Dance School & Studio

Dance Beyond Limits: LVDS, Where Every Beat Echoes Possibilities.

Since 1998

Two Decades, Countless Achievements

Awarded Instructors

Our Team is led by the visionary Lourd Vijay

Versatile Curriculum

Dance curriculum that spans a multitude of styles

Lourd Vijay's Dance Studio - Bangalore


Inspired by Dance

Lourd Vijay’s Dance Studio (LVDS)  isn’t just your typical dance school; it’s a vibrant institution dedicated to nurturing talent through a variety of avenues. From our classes and national & international Bootcamps to Retreats, festivals, and competitions, we’re constantly fostering growth and passion in dancers of all levels.

Our events, like the Annual Winter Ball, Gala Del Sol Dance & Dive, Gala Del Sol – Goa, Friday Night Open Floors, The Dance World Cup India Qualifiers, and the All India Salsa Championship, are renowned for their energy and excitement. Whether you’re a student or a teacher, Lourd Vijay’s Dance Studio welcomes anyone with dance in their soul, making it a thriving hub of creativity and expression.

Dance isn’t just about movement; it’s a catalyst for unlocking creativity, boosting confidence, enhancing social skills, and increasing productivity. At LVDS, we believe that everyone has a hidden desire to dance, and we’re here to help you unleash that passion!

Lourd Vijay

Founder, LVDS


In-Studio Classes

Step into the rhythm and embrace the joy of dance with Lourd Vijay’s Dance Studio’s In-Studio Classes. Our state-of-the-art studios provide the perfect environment for you to explore, learn, and perfect your dance style.



LVDS is the trailblazer of Salsa in India, credited with introducing and popularizing Salsa dance across the nation.



We offer a variety of Bachata dance classes, including group classes, private lessons, and even workshops for special events.

new jive


Unleash your inner star with our K-Pop Dance Course at LVDS Studio, where you’ll master the hottest moves and choreography from your favorite K-Pop idols.



You will master a range of dance styles including Cha-Cha, Rumba, Samba, Paso Doble, and Jive



Learn the basic steps of Swing & Jive, or advanced moves and partner work, our instructors help you improve your technique.



You will learn the intricate footwork, graceful movements, and intimate connections that define this enchanting dance style.



LVDS has been making headlines for bringing West Coast Swing to the country, and the people have embraced this dance form with enthusiasm, like bees to honey.



In our Hip-Hop dance classes in Bangalore, you will learn a variety of styles, including popping, locking, breaking, and freestyle.



Our Bollywood classes are designed to bring the magic of Indian cinema to life through vibrant moves and captivating choreography.


Discover the transformative power of dance with Lourde Vijay, the renowned founder of LVDS.

By joining Lourd’s Master Class, you’ll unlock a world of professional techniques, personalized coaching, and creative expression. 

LVDS Teacher Training Certification

Embark on a transformative journey into the realm of dance education through the LVDS Teacher Training Certification Program. With a legacy spanning over 25 years, Lourd Vijay’s Dance Studio stands as a pillar in the dance industry, shaping skilled and in-demand dance instructors.

Our Pricing

Explore the various plans tailored to your dance aspirations and take the first step towards an enriching dance experience from Lourd Vijay’s Dance Studio.


₹ 7500

12 weeks

 + 18% GST per head for 12 weeks


₹ 2000 - 6000

+ 18% GST per hour
(Studio rentals and/or Conveyance additional)


₹ 36,000

/ 3 months

Unlock the art of teaching dance with the LVDS Certification Programs

dance stories that inspire and uplift

From newfound confidence to lifelong friendships, our testimonials capture the essence of the vibrant and supportive dance culture at LVDS. 

Shivangi Gupta

I have been part of the LVDS family for a year now, and what a fantastic journey it has been! I have gained a family and a bunch of crazy friends. Our very talented and versatile trainer, Su, made learning dance a piece of cake; his patience in teaching techniques brings out the best in us. I am so glad that I have found LVDS. The only thing I look forward to after a hectic week is dance classes at LVDS. Lastly, thank you, Lourd, for making me part of your LVDS family

Alav Siddique

The instructors here are not only professional but also incredibly friendly and warm, creating a welcoming atmosphere that extends to the entire dancing community. With regular events and opportunities for social dancing, you're guaranteed to connect with a supportive group of fellow dance enthusiasts. Whether you're looking to pick up a few dance moves for social settings or aiming for professional proficiency, the studio's wide range of classes caters to all levels of interest and skill

Lavanika Bhandary

Joining LVDS has taken my interest in dancing to a whole new level. The faculty are truly inspiring with their energy and passion for the art (which is highly infectious). The workshops and events they conduct are a great way to hone and show off one's dancing skills 😉 Kudos to LV and his team!

Yasmin Khan

LVDS is more than just a dance studio—it's like a cozy corner where the beats of meeting new people and the rhythms of fun intertwine! Rohit, my Bachata guru, is not only fun but has been incredibly patient, and Sushanth's charm adds an extra flair to all my Jive classes. At LVDS, I've not only discovered top-notch dance moves, but also a community of egggssstremely cool people through their weekend social events!

Nithya Pillai

My Happy Place - That’s what I have been calling LVDS and that is just what it is to me😊 I joined LVDS in 2019 and now this has come to be my special place . And I would definitely say, the class days are the happiest days of my week . The atmosphere is absolutely vibrant . The Instructors are just fabulous - Lourd, who just needs no introduction and it is an absolute pleasure learning from the master himself. The number of dance forms he offers through LVDS is what makes LVDS stand out, Sushanth - the patient instructor and it is an absolute delight to learn from his classes, all with a wide smile always- it is impossible not to enrol for his classes if you just go for one, Erica - the one who moves so elegantly and pays attention to every student in the room. All the instructors are wonderful and passionate. Each class is an absolute blast ! All this with a lot of smiles and giggles . Sometimes it is not just about the dance classes , it is about the people and I am certain I have found the best of the lot - be it the fellow dancers or the instructors !

Dr. Sharon Dias

So look forward to my Sunday dance class. Been with LVDS for almost a year .Currently learning Salsa from Rakesh Mondal … a fab teacher who makes sure our basics are sound. Learned jive from talented & fun Sushant. All this made possible with the consistent & sustained effort the man who makes it all happen …our dear teacher Lourd Vijay! Also enjoy the Friday open floor & other events. Have got soo addicted to the class in spite of my busy schedule.. almost never miss it ! Great stress buster & almost aerobic exercise!


They say you can’t build a great building without a great foundation… ! My journey of Latin dancing started with Lourd Vijay & I could not have asked for a better foundation… The classes, the teaching methodology, the socials & the infamous Salsa Congress ‘s are etched in my heart for life !! Latin dancing will hold a special place in my heart because of LVDS ♥️

Veena Kumar Sr. Manager, Amazon

Enrolling at LVDS has been an absolute game-changer for me! I have been a student there for the last 2 years learning Salsa, Bachata and Swing and I’ve experienced remarkable growth in my skills. I am able to go social dancing as I travel to different countries and I realise that what I’ve learned at LVDS is at an international level! The professional instructors excel in their teaching techniques and the classes are so much fun! Their dedication and passion for dance is truly inspiring. Not to forget the LVDS events - they are a class apart! I wholeheartedly recommend LVDS to anyone who wants to learn dance!

Denver Dsouza

"LVDS has been a game-changer for me! I joined with two left feet and a dream to dance. Now, I'm grooving confidently to the salsa beats. The instructors are not just teachers; they're dance wizards! Kudos to LVDS for turning my dance dreams into reality!"


"LVDS is more than a dance studio; it's a dance haven! I stumbled upon LVDS looking for a new hobby and found a community that's as passionate about dancing as I am. The classes are not just lessons; they're a celebration of movement and joy. Joining LVDS was the best decision I made for my dance journey!"



Absolutely! Lourd Vijay's Dance Studio caters to all skill levels, from beginners to advanced dancers. Our classes are structured to ensure a fulfilling dance journey for everyone.

Yes, LVDS encourages performance opportunities. We host workshops, performances, and competitions, allowing our students to showcase their skills and gain valuable stage experience.

Yes, Lourd Vijay's Dance Studio provides online classes, allowing dancers to participate from the comfort of their homes. Check our online class schedule for details.


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