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Refine your dance skills with Professional Dance courses tailored to inspire and empower at Lourd Vijay’s Dance Studio.


The Professional Dance Development Certificate Program is an intensive and comprehensive course designed for individuals aiming to pursue a career in professional dance. It covers advanced techniques, performance skills, choreography, and more, spanning over a longer duration. On the other hand, the Weekend Dance Development Foundation Program is a condensed version, ideal for enthusiasts looking to enhance their skills or explore dance as a hobby. It focuses on fundamental techniques and provides a taste of various dance styles over weekends.

The Professional Dance Development Certificate Program is open to individuals with prior dance experience. While formal training is not mandatory, applicants should demonstrate proficiency in at least one dance style. An audition may be required to assess suitability for the program.

The Professional Dance Development Certificate Program is a full-time commitment, demanding significant time and energy. While we understand the need for employment, we recommend students to dedicate their focus to the program during its duration to fully benefit from the training and opportunities provided.

The Weekend Dance Development Foundation Program offers a diverse curriculum covering a range of popular dance styles, including but not limited to contemporary, jazz, hip-hop, Bollywood, and Latin. Each weekend session delves into a specific style, allowing participants to gain exposure and experience in various genres.

Lourd Vijay's Dance Studio offers limited financial aid or scholarships for exceptional candidates demonstrating outstanding talent and dedication. Interested individuals are encouraged to inquire about the application process and eligibility criteria. Additionally, flexible payment options may be available to assist students in managing program fees.