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It was late 60s , early 70s when people started a sort of b-boying. Their dancing was called “Good Foot” from James Brown’s record of the same name. The Good Foot was the first freestyle dance that incorporated moves involving drops and spins, and resembled the beginning s of breaking. B-boying became even more popular in 80s. It was first introduced to outside of New York City and the rest of world by a movie “Flashdance” in 1983. Even though it was not a b-boying movie, the short scene which featured b-boying and popping on a street had a great impact enough to inspire people to start b-boying all over the world.

About the dance:

B-boying, often called “breakdancing”, is a popular style of street dance that was created and developed as part of hip-hop culture among African Americans and, later, among Latino youths in New York City.

Where you can b-boy:

At most parties and clubs on a regular basis. Dance crews organize hip hop events, competitions and battles as well.


While b-boying, your body will require a huge amount of bodyweight strength to do most of the freezes, power moves, and basic floor work. Bodyweight strength is the ability to hold your own bodyweight at different angles and positions.

While b-boying, your body will be out into many various positions and will require both static and dynamic flexibility. The moves that you do while b-boying will gradually increase your range of motion as well as your flexibility because you will be constantly pushing your limits to the ways you can bend your body.

Calories Burnt:

A 100 lb. individual will burn approximately 388 calories in one hour.


For 1 class: Rs. 400/-+ Service Tax Pay now
For 24 classes: Rs.5950/- + Service Tax Pay now
For 8 classes: Rs. 2200/- + Service Tax Pay now

Registration fee: Rs. 950 (only for new students)

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